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The only company that offers both Classic & Liteweight Mats

We recommend the solution that's right for you—rather than push you in one direction.

Classic Mats

  • The best impact protection inch for inch
  • Two-sided for extended life
  • Preferred surface for training & competition

Best Suited For:
Permanent Training Rooms, High Profile Competitions

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Liteweight Mats

  • Quick setup and teardown
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Custom sizes & shapes

Best Suited For:
Competitions, Tournaments, Home Training

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Compare classic vs. liteweight vs. our competitors' mats

Feature Our Classic Our Liteweight Competitors' Liteweight
Foam type Closed Cell Elastimeric Closed Cell Polyethylene Closed Cell Polyethylene
Foam density 4.7 lb 2.2 lb 2.2 lb
Mat thickness 1" or 1.25" 1.625" 1.5-2.0"
Double-sided? Yes » No No
Wrestling surface Hot-spray poly-vinyl coating » Reinforced vinyl scrim with hot-spray poly-vinyl coating » Vinyl fabric
Standard color options 25 colors » 25 colors » 8-12 colors
Logos, lettering, graphics Extensive options » Unlimited options with DigiPrint » Limited options
Sections & sizes 1, 3 or 5 pieces, sections up to 50' wide 5'- or 6'-wide sections 6'-wide sections
Connection method Tape The Zip » or tape Hook & loop or tape
Weight per square foot 1.2 lbs .5 lbs .5 lbs
Portability Medium High High
Reconditioning available? Yes » No No
Custom training room options Comprehensive » Comprehensive » Limited

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Custom Training Room Creation from Concept to Completion

Feature Resilite Competitors
Classic mats Yes No
Lightweight mats Yes Yes
Protective wall padding panels Yes Yes
Continuous permanent wall padding Yes No
Logos, lettering & graphics Yes Limited
Customized protective padding for doors, beams & obstructions Yes Limited
Barrier pads & crash mats Yes Limited
Weight room flooring Yes Limited
Full color-matching throughout room Yes No

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