8" Climbing Drag Mats

Sale price$645.00
Size: 5' x 6' x 8"

Resilite Climbing Drag Mats are designed to be easily relocated to a position under the climber to help reduce the severity of impact in the event of a fall from the wall. The 8" thick drag mats are made with a smoke Denier top and charcoal 18-oz vinyl bottom and sides.

  • Layered open/closed cell foam core provides soft- and firm-side landing options
  • Soft-side landing surface is a Denier material to clean shoes before climbing
  • Firm-side landing surface is a heavy duty 18-oz double-coated vinyl that is easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Grommets provide air release to aid in shock attenuation on impact
  • Large heavy-duty zipper for access to foam core
  • Handles on two ends to easily relocate the mat

NOTE: Always keep in mind, no amount of matting can eliminate the possibility of an injury and will only serve to potentially mitigate or reduce the probability of an injury.

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