Cheer Stunt Balance Trainers

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Unlock your potential with the Resilite Cheer Stunt Balance Trainer, your new partner in advancing your cheerleading skills. Ideal for both novice and veteran cheer athletes, this trainer is the key to mastering balance and stunt techniques. Its non-slip surface ensures maximum grip, while the compact design allows for easy storage and portability. Whether you're prepping for a competition or honing your daily practice, our Balance Trainer is the go-to choice for cheerleaders dedicated to excellence. Get ready to perform with confidence and precision—add the Resilite Cheer Stunt Balance Trainer to your practice arsenal today!

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Stability: "Our balance trainer is crafted to optimize stability, ensuring cheer athletes can focus on form and technique without the worry of slips or instability."
  • Durable Construction: "Built with high-quality materials, the Resilite Balance Trainer withstands the rigors of intense cheer practices, making it a long-lasting addition to your training equipment."
  • Versatile Use: "Whether you're working on solo balance drills or group stunts, this versatile trainer is the ideal companion for a wide range of cheer exercises."
  • Safety First: "Safety is paramount in cheerleading, and our stunt trainer provides a secure platform that helps prevent injuries while practicing complex routines."

Our Cheer Stunt Balance Trainers offer a rubberized 4" x 8" top surface Crafted with long-lasting polyethylene and covered in 18-oz. vinyl, 9" x 20" base. 


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