Ninja Trapezoids

Sale price$1,119.00
Color: Black

This Two-Piece Trapezoid set is perfect for Pre-K through elementary-age students as it is designed to challenge them. Each piece is designed using high-quality foam cores and coated with durable 18-oz vinyl, making it strong and capable of withstanding the most vigorous use. It's stackable construction provides an exciting climbing experience, with a sturdy hook fastener on the bottom for use with Carpet-Bonded Foam. Available in solid vinyl or exclusive Adventure Rock DigiPrint.

Sold as a two-piece set:
  - (1) 23" W x 44" L x 20" H - Top
  - (1) 34" W x 44" L x 25" H - Bottom
  - Stacked size: 34" W x 44" L x 45" H

Caution: Resilite Ninja products are designed to be used in conjunction with Carpet-Bonded Foam (CBF). The Hook fastener on the bottom of each unit is intended to attach securely to the carpeted surface of the CBF. Use caution as older CBF surfaces can be worn or compressed to the point that it will not allow he Hook attachment to securely hold the unit in place. ALWAYS CHECK TO ENSURE THE HOOK ATTACHMENT IS SECURELY ATTACHED TO CARPET BEFORE USE; DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES IF UNIT CAN BE DISLODGED FROM CARPET-BONDED FOAM.

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