Mat and Facility Cleaning Supplies

Explore Resilite's wide selection of wrestling mat cleaning supplies tailored to create a clean and germ-free training environment. We've got you covered with a comprehensive range, including effective mops, powerful disinfectants, and convenient wrestling mat wipes. Our high-quality cleaning products are not just about maintaining hygiene; they're crafted to contribute to the longevity of your wrestling mats.

In the world of sports facilities, cleanliness is crucial, and our premium cleaning solutions are designed to meet the highest standards. Whether you're wiping down after an intense training session or ensuring a spotless surface for the next practice, Resilite's cleaning supplies are your reliable companions.

Elevate your training space with the assurance that our products are engineered to tackle the rigorous demands of maintaining optimal hygiene. With Resilite, cleanliness isn't just a task; it's a commitment to the durability and well-being of your sports facility. Discover the difference our top-notch cleaning solutions can make in ensuring a sanitary and long-lasting training environment for all athletes.


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KenClean Plus - Resilite Mats
Sale priceFrom $38.00
Monster Mop Package - Resilite Mats
Sale price$281.57
Monster Mop Replacement Pads - Resilite Mats
Sale priceFrom $54.00
60" Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Bundle Kit - Resilite Mats
Spray-N-Roll II Disinfectant
Sale price$194.29
Sole Cleaner Mats
Sale price$91.00
Deep Clean II - Resilite Mats
Sale price$53.00
Mat Tape Remover - Resilite Mats
Sale priceFrom $51.50
Tape Mat Starter Kits
Sale price$595.00
Bucketless Mop Package - Resilite Mats
Sale price$178.57
Mueller Whizzer Mat Cleaner and Disinfectant - Resilite Mats
Foot Cleaning Station - Resilite Mats
Sale price$91.00
60" Heavy Duty Microfiber Wet Mop Pad - Resilite Mats
Zip Mat Starter Kits
Sale price$385.00
Foot Cleaning Station Solution - Resilite Mats
Sale priceFrom $10.50
60" Heavy Duty Microfiber Mops - Resilite Mats
Sterilaser Deluxe Room Units
Sale price$2,895.00
Sterilaser Deluxe Floor Units
Sale price$1,995.00
Sterilaser Basic Floor Units
Sale price$1,695.00
Mat and Surface Cleaner - Resilite Mats
Sale price$26.00
Sterilaser Basic Room Units
Sale price$2,495.00
AIRX-75 Athletic Surface Disinfectant Wipes - Resilite Mats
K-String Microfiber Mop Heads - Resilite Mats
Clean Zone Bucket and Mop Kits - Resilite Mats
Bucketless Mop Replacement Pads - Resilite Mats
Sale priceFrom $35.50


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