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Our preschool mats and active skill shapes help early education and childcare institutions create an engaging play environment to help young children develop motor skills and improve coordination.

DigiPrint Activity Mats

Resilite's preschool activity mats provide a colorful and fun play area for all ages that meets the CPSC Children's Product requirements. Choose from four unique, kid-friendly designs printed with Resilite's exclusive DigiPrint technology. Mats are easy to wipe clean and roll away when not in use.

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Preschool Mats: Digiprint Activity Mat
Preschool Mats: Resi-Rocker activity equipment


Children learn through active play. Resilite's Resi-Rockers are great for helping toddlers explore with friends and develop the gross motor skills needed to grow and learn.

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Extra-Wide Foam Low Beam

Resilite's Extra-Wide Foam Low Beam is the perfect training beam to help preschoolers and young gymnasts establish their sense of balance and learn a new skill. The 6” wide top allows beginners to gain confidence, while the 18” wide base provides extra stability.

Available in 12 fun color options.

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Preschool Mats: Low Balance Beam

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the moat preschool mat

Help young students overcome a fear of heights while learning to balance on a narrow surface.

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rainbow tunnel preschool mat

Use unfolded as an exercise mat, or fold into a 2-foot cube for play.

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preschool rumble strip play mats

Agility obstacle to step, run, or hop over. Great for pre-K through elementary students.

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preschool climb-and-slide mat

Encourages preschoolers' development of motor skills, balance, and coordination through play.

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barrel mat for preschool fun

Great for developing coordination and balance; use sideways for rolling races or upright for bean bag toss.

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Resilite Preschool Mats & Skill Shapes

Resilite offers a vast line of innovative and progressive preschool products designed to promote basic motor skills such as coordination, balance, and agility. Resilite preschool mats and skill shapes are perfect for churches, pre-k classes, home daycare and family centers, YMCAs, and recreation centers.

All of Resilite’s Preschool products are manufactured in the United States using the latest technology and best materials available.

The Best Gymnastics Products for Tomorrow’s Champions

Items like the Extra Wide Foam Low Beam, the Resi-Rocker, The Moat, Rainbow Tunnel, Activity Play Mat, The Mailbox, and all others are designed for pre-K through elementary aged students to develop motor skills, balance, coordination, and agility through active play and fun challenges.

Custom Preschool Padding Solutions Also Available

Resilite can help protect every inch of your gym or child care facility. From activity mats and skill shapes, to barrier pads and column wraps, contact us for a free Preschool Quote or for design assistance.