Resi-Rockers with Risers

Sale price$1,483.00
Color: Black

Resi-Rockers serve as a multifunctional tool in development, ranging from basic to more advanced skill-building activities. Snaps secure each half of the Rocker together to form a donut-like shape. Additionally, the halves can be arranged in an "S" shape to serve as a balance beam for younger users. Furthermore, a high-IFD Polyurethane foam core is encased by Crosslink PE foam on both sides, and the cover is heavy-duty 18-oz. vinyl in multiple colors. The complete size is 18" wide x 52" diameter, with an inside diameter of 30".

Meanwhile, the Resi-Rocker Risers are a set of four blocks with hook-and-loop connectors that securely attach to a Resi-Rocker and Carpet-Bonded Foam, providing an additional 12" of height to create a tunnel. The risers feature a durable 18-oz. vinyl cover and a high-quality foam core for stability. Ideal for early development classes and ninja obstacle courses.

The Resi-Rockers are available in your choice of 14 vinyl colors on the top and on the inside/outside. The Resi-Rocker Risers do not need to be the same color as the Resi-Rockers. However, one color only with online purchases. To mix colors, please contact the Resilite office at 1-800-843-6287.

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