Taylor County Wrestling Program Thrives with Resilite Digiprint Mats

Resilite Wrestling Mats

Taylor County Wrestling Program Shines with Resilite Digiprint Mats

The Taylor County Wrestling Program has recently taken a giant leap forward in terms of its training facility quality. Not only did they compete a fully branded facility, but by incorporating Resilite Digiprint mats, they've enhanced impact protection and performance and brought a unique touch of customization to their wrestling environment.

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 A Game-Changer in Wrestling Mats

Resilite Digiprint mats are known for their durability and high-quality design, but what sets them apart is their customization capability. Taylor County’s wrestling team now trains on mats that not only meet their training and performance needs but also reflect their team spirit and identity.

The Benefits of Resilite Digiprint Mats

  1. Unmatched Durability and impact protection

One of the most critical aspects of wrestling mats is their ability to provide a surface for athletes with grip and the ability to slide when needed. Resilite Digiprint mats are coated with proprietary topcoat material. Digiprint liteweight mats are also made with reinforced vinyl that provides better impact absorption, reducing the risk of impact injuries during intense training sessions and matches.

  1. Customization for Team Identity

Taylor County Wrestling Program took full advantage of Resilite's Digiprint technology, which allows for high-definition graphics directly printed onto the mat. This feature enabled them to display their team logo, colors, and mascot prominently, fostering a sense of pride and unity among athletes.

  1. Easy Maintenance and Longevity

These mats are not only visually appealing but also practical. The high-quality printing and topcoat ensures the graphics remain vibrant and do not fade over time. Additionally, the surface is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the mats stay in excellent condition for years.

  1. Enhanced Training Experience

Training on a mat that represents the team’s identity can boost morale and motivation. The athletes at Taylor County now train on surfaces that reflect their team’s spirit, which can enhance their overall training experience and performance.

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The Impact on Taylor County Wrestling

Since the introduction of Resilite Digiprint mats, the Taylor County Wrestling Program has seen numerous benefits:

  • Improved impact protection: With better shock absorption, the frequency of training-related injuries has decreased.
  • Increased Team Morale: The customized mats have instilled a greater sense of pride and unity among team members.
  • Enhanced Performance: Recruiting top athletes for the sport of wrestling requires top training environments 
  • Positive Reception: Coaches, athletes, and have praised the appearance and functionality of the their facilities

Testimonials from the Coach 


 Spencer Adams: "The Resilite Digiprint mats have been a fantastic addition to our program. Not only do they provide the impact protection and feel we need, but they also look incredible. The customization of the mats and wall padding has brought our facility together.

It’s also very exciting to showcase our girls wrestling program by featuring our Taylor County Lady Cards wrestling mat in tournaments throughout the year. The digiprint technology has allowed us to create a one of a kind mat that our girls can be proud of. 

Lastly, since the addition of our new digiprint mats, our program has been able to host various events at all levels, such as, the KY state dual championships, the KY Freestyle/Greco state championships, the KY Officials Association preseason tournament, youth and MS regionals, and the Cardinal Clash, which is the largest regular season tournament in the state hosting over 50 teams between the boys and girls divisions". 

Wrestling Room

A Winning Decision

Taylor County Wrestling Program’s decision to invest in Resilite Digiprint mats has proven to be a winning one. By enhancing safety, fostering team spirit, and ensuring longevity, these mats have become an integral part of their success.

Whether you’re part of a wrestling program looking to upgrade your facilities or simply a fan of innovative sports solutions, Resilite Digiprint mats are worth considering. They provide the perfect blend of functionality and customization, making them an excellent choice for any team.

For more information on Resilite Digiprint mats, check out Resilite’s official website.



Q: What are Resilite Digiprint mats? A: Resilite Digiprint mats are high-quality wrestling mat and Wall Padding known for their light weight, durability, impact protection, and customization options.

Q: Can you make the mats tape-free? A: Yes, by adding our Resi-lock Option

Q: Can these mats be customized? A: Yes, Resilite Digiprint technology allows for high-definition graphics to be printed on the mats, enabling teams to display their logos, colors, and mascots.

Q: Are these mats easy to maintain? A: Absolutely. The surface of the mats is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Read more about cleaning mats here. 

Q: What impact have these mats had on Taylor County Wrestling? A: The mats have improved impact protection, increased team morale, enhanced performance, and allowed the program through sponsorships and fundraising to pay for the upgrades in their facility.


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