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Derek Brunson on the Resilite Hybrid Mat

Revolutionize Your Martial Arts Training with the Resilite Hybrid Mat For All of The Martial Arts and Combat Sports


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In mixed martial arts, the quality of your training mats can be the difference between winning and losing, between being injured or still being able to do what you love.


Why You Buy a Resilite Hybrid Mat

It’s not just about durability or looks with a Resilite Hybrid MMA Mats—it’s about impact protection, versatility, and performance. That’s where the Resilite Hybrid Mat comes in. The Hybrid mat is an MMA Mat designed for a modern facility. This mat has been tested by some of the top fighters and teachers in the world. The Hybrid mat culminates years of testing, innovation, and feedback from the highest level.


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You Only Have One Body Protect It.

No matter the practice, from BJJ to Judo, all martial arts practices are demanding on your body. Whether it's MMA mats for your home or some of the top facilities in the world like American Top Team. A martial arts mat that can withstand intense training while providing unparalleled impact protection should be the standard. Most MMA mats or martial arts mats on the market offer either comfort or stability, rarely both. The Resilite Hybrid Mat changes the game by offering a changeable surface that caters to stand-up and ground training without compromising on feel or impact protection.

Features and Benefits Of the Mats:

The Resilite Hybrid Mat is a game-changer for several reasons:

  • You Can Change the Mat Surface: Order your mat to meet the feel or grip you need. Change your mat surface as your training changes, One option features a smooth mat surface surface perfect for takedowns and groundwork. Change the cover to the grip mat surface, which is an upgraded version of the tatami surface. Ideal for stand-up techniques and movement drills.
  • Connection System,: Our system eliminates the need for building a border; each mat is connected, creating a system that does not require the need for extra money on framing in the mats. This innovation not only saves money but also reduces a hard barrier around your mats, ensuring a safer training environment.
  • Unmatched Impact Protection: There is not a martial arts mat on the market that utilizes Resilite's exclusive foam technology, the Hybrid Mat offers industry-leading impact protection, safeguarding athletes from the throws and falls inherent to MMA training.
  • Made in America- Finally an American-made martial arts mat. The Resiltie Hybrid Mat supports American Jobs and American manufacturing.

Durability Meets Mat Design:

Resilite understands that your MMA or Martial Arts mat is an investment. That’s why the Hybrid Mat is designed to last, using reinforced vinyl that stands up to the toughest training sessions. Plus, with the option for custom graphics, your mat can showcase your gym's brand, energizing your space with a professional look that inspires athletes and impresses visitors.


Testimonials from the Pros: Don’t just take our word for it. Top MMA coaches and fighters have put the Hybrid Mat to the test and have seen the difference it makes. 

 Merab Dvalishvili

 (Merab Dvalishvili training on Resilite Hybrid Mat)

The Resilite Promise:

With the Hybrid Mat, you're not just buying a product but investing in a partnership. Resilite promises unmatched customer service, attention to detail, and a commitment to your success. 


The Resilite Hybrid Mat is more than just a training surface—it's a foundation for success. Ready to elevate your gym's training experience? Contact us today to learn more and join the revolution in MMA training.




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