The Zip Mat Eliminates The Need For Mat Tape

Made in the USA - PatentedThe first and only interlocking connection system for a tape-free wrestling mat.

Our innovative, patented connection technology makes set-up quick and simple and produces a resilient, long-lasting seal.

Tape-Free Wrestling Mat: The Zip's Innovative Features

Durable & Secure Mat Seam

tape-free wrestling mat: the Zip Mat
The Zip’s military-strong, waterproof seal prevents cleaners, sweat, and other liquids from getting below the surface, keeping the mat fresher and more sanitary.

U.S. PATENT #10,081,952

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Fast & Easy Set-up & Tear-Down

easy setup and tear down with the zip tape-free wrestling mat
The Zip Mat sets up in a matter of minutes, thanks to easy-to-manage sections and the unique Zip connection system, and tears down for transport or storage just as quickly.

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Effortless Cleaning & Disinfecting

The Zip can easily be cleaned with antibacterial wipes, unlike hook and loop fastening systems which can trap liquids, dirt, hair and other debris.

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Antimicrobial Protection

As on all Resilite LiteWeight Mats, built-in Microban Antirmicrobial Product Protection works 24/7 to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden for the life of the mat.

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