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Resilite Mats Used at The World Ninja League

Resilite Mats Used at The World Ninja League

Resilite Mats Used at The World Ninja League


When it comes to Ninja Warrior competitions, athletes demand the best equipment to ensure safety and performance. Resilite, the leading manufacturer of landing mats and Ninja mats, is the top choice for the World Ninja League. Our mats provide the perfect blend of durability, support, and safety, allowing athletes to focus on their performance and push their limits.

The Importance of Quality Mats in Ninja Warrior Competitions

Impact Protection First

Resilite mats have been rigorously tested and proven to withstand the high-intensity training and competition environments typical in Ninja Warrior events. Our mats are designed to absorb impact effectively, reducing the risk of injuries and providing a stable surface for all types of obstacles.

Durability and Performance

Our mats' durability ensures they remain in top condition despite constant use. This reliability is critical in maintaining the safety and performance standards expected in high-stakes competitions.

World Ninja League's Trust in Resilite Mats

Premier Choice for Championships

The World Ninja League, a premier organization in the Ninja Warrior community, has trusted Resilite for their events, including their Tier 1 Championships. These championships showcase the top athletes in the sport, and having reliable equipment like Resilite mats is crucial for their success.

Endorsement by Top Athletes

Elite athletes consistently choose Resilite mats for their training and competitions, underscoring the brand's reputation for quality and reliability.

Latest News and Updates

World Ninja League News

For more information about the latest news and updates from the World Ninja League, check out their news section.

Upcoming Championships

Stay informed about the upcoming 2024 Tier 1 Championships and the athletes to watch by visiting this page.

Enhancing Training and Competition with Resilite Mats

Comprehensive Product Range

If you're interested in learning more about our Ninja Warrior mats and how they can enhance your training or competition setup, visit our Ninja Warrior page.

Trusted by Experts

Join the elite athletes and trusted organizations that rely on Resilite for their Ninja Warrior needs. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or just starting, our mats will help you train safely and perform at your best.


Resilite mats are the trusted choice for the World Ninja League and elite Ninja Warrior athletes. Our commitment to quality, safety, and performance ensures that you can focus on pushing your limits and achieving your goals. Visit our website to learn more and join the ranks of those who train and compete with the best.


1. Why are Resilite mats preferred by the World Ninja League?
Our Friends at DGS Ninja play a pivotal part of the World Ninja League. Resilite mats are preferred due to their exceptional durability, safety features, and performance reliability, which are crucial for high-intensity Ninja Warrior competitions.

2. How do Resilite mats enhance athlete performance?
Our mats provide a stable, impact-absorbing surface that reduces injury risk, allowing athletes to train and compete with confidence.

3. Where can I purchase Resilite Ninja Warrior mats?
You can purchase our mats from our Ninja Warrior page.

4. What events use Resilite mats?
Resilite mats are used in various events, including the World Ninja League's

5. Are Resilite mats suitable for beginners?
Yes, our mats are designed to support athletes of all levels, from beginners to seasoned competitors.

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