resilite wall padding

Durable & Protective Wall Padding

Multiple Options to Fit Your Needs

Let Resilite design a solution that fits your space and provides the quality protection you need. From wrestling rooms and gymnasiums to fitness centers and early childhood education facilities, Resilite protects athletes, toddlers, and everyone in between.

Wainscot Wall Padding

Perfect for gymnasiums, fitness centers, basketball courts, and indoor walls, Wainscot Wall Padding Panels offer multiple protection, size, and installation styles for maximum versatility. The durable 14-ounce reinforced laminate vinyl provides superior puncture, tear, and fire resistance in 12 fabric colors. Wainscot Wall Padding Panels are also easy to clean with built-in antibacterial and antifungal agents.

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wainscot wall padding
kwik-stick wall padding

Kwik-Stik Wall Padding

Kwik-Stik Padding offers medium-to-heavy duty continuous protection for wrestling rooms, gymnasiums, basketball courts, and defensive/tactical training rooms. Easy to clean, Kwik-Stik Wall Padding is available in 25 vinyl paint colors, can be customized with your artwork and graphics, and can be color-matched to any Resilite Classic or LiteWeight Mat.

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LiteWeight Wall Padding

Resilite’s LiteWeight Padding provides continuous protection on walls for wrestling rooms, fitness areas, home gyms and exercise rooms, training rooms, preschools, daycares and early childhood centers. LiteWeight Wall Padding is easy to install and can be color-matched to any Resilite Classic or LiteWeight Mat with 25 vinyl paint colors available. Or, showcase a truly stunning design with photo-realistic graphics in high-definition with Resilite’s exclusive DigiPrint technology.

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liteweight wall padding

Compare Wainscot Panels vs. Kwik-Stik Padding vs. LiteWeight Padding

Individual Panels Continious Rolled Padding
Feature Wainscot Panels Kwik-Stik Padding LiteWeight Wall Pad
Installation Method Conventional Fastening Lip
Conventional Fastening Lip
Slot-Back System
Slot-Back System
Kwik-Stik Padding
Permanent Adhesive
Permanent Adhesive
Permanent Adhesive
Padding Surface Vinyl Fabric 14oz or 18oz Painted Vinyl Coating Painted Vinyl Coating or DigiPrint Graphics
Foam Core Four (4) Protective Options » 1" RSP600 1.625" RLW758
Backing Oriented Strand Board (OSB) 7/16" None None
Graphics/Artwork Unlimited - DigiPrint Graphics Painted Vinyl Graphics Painted Vinyl Graphics or Unlimited DigiPrint Graphics
Assembly Meets ASTM F2440 Guardian XL - Conventional » Guardian XL - Slot-Back » Yes Yes
Assembly Meets ASTM E84 SafeGuard Plus » SafeGuard Plus » No No
Accomodates Columns & Corners Yes Yes Yes Yes
Top/Edge Trim No Not Needed Yes - Available Option Yes - Recommended
Color Options 12 12 25 Unlimited

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Choose the Wainscot Padding that Meets Your Needs

1-3/8” closed-cell polyethylene foam core 2” closed-cell polyethylene foam core 1-3/8” closed-cell polyethylene foam core over a ½” polyurethane base foam 1-1/4” fire-retardant foam core
Light to medium protective properties Maximum protective properties
Meets ASTM F2440
Medium protective properties Maximum protective properties
Not fire-rated Not fire-rated Not fire-rated Fire retardant
Meets ASTM E84
Durable 14-oz. vinyl-coated fabric – Phthalate free
Optional 18-oz. vinyl available
Durable 14-oz. vinyl-coated fabric – Phthalate free
Optional 18-oz. vinyl available
Durable 14-oz. vinyl-coated fabric – Phthalate free
Optional 18-oz. vinyl available
Durable 14-oz. vinyl-coated fabric only – Phthalate free
Guardian Conventional Spec Sheet » Guardian XL Conventional Spec Sheet » Douguard Conventional Spec Sheet » SafeGuard Conventional Spec Sheet »
Guardian Slot-Back Spec Sheet » Guardian XL Slot-Back Spec Sheet » Douguard Slot-Back Spec Sheet » SafeGuard Slot-Back Spec Sheet »

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Wall Padding Accessories View all »

Plyo Boxes

Designed to enhance the appearance and performance of Kwik-Stik Wall Padding.

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Resitough Rolled Flooring

Designed to protect and secure the raw foam edges of Resilite LiteWeight Wall Padding.

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Creates a neat and finished appearance around wall padding cutouts.

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Create an area for training and practice in your house, basement, or garage.

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Allows Folding Mats to be hung on walls for protective padding or to easily store.

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Resilite Wall Padding

Resilite’s three unique padding solutions provide protection in gymnasiums, churches, fitness and recreation centers, and everything in between.

Resilite's three solutions include Kwik-Stik permanent and continuous padding, LiteWeight continuous padding, and Wainscot wall panels. Fire-rated Wainscot panels are also available when needed.

The Best Wall Padding with Custom Options

Both LiteWeight Padding and Wainscot Panels can be customized with unlimited graphics in high-definition. Both are great options to highlight your brand and showcase a unique design or wall graphic in your facility.

Resilite’s Kwik-Stik Wall Padding is the premier padding option used by top collegiate and high school wrestling rooms throughout the country. Kwik-Stik padding can also be customized to include letters, mascots and logos.

All of Resilite’s wall padding is manufactured in the United States using the very best materials available for high shock absorption, durability, and a long life.

Custom Padding is Our Specialty

Nearly every project is different. Resilite can custom-manufacturer a pad specific to your needs. Simply contact us with your specifications and type of wall surface you wish to pad and Resilite will handle the rest.

Contact us for a free Wall Padding Quote or to talk about your options.