Strong. Durable. Vibrant.

Resilite’s Bold, Bright Vinyl Fabric Mat Colors

Resilite's vinyl fabric gives our sewn mats the best puncture and tear resistance. Our fabric is compounded with antibacterial and anti-fungal agents and can easily be cleaned with mild soap & water.

Note: Colors are for screen representation only; actual colors may vary. Please contact us to request a color sample.

18-oz. Vinyl Fabric Mat Colors

Heavy duty, double-coated vinyl fabric – available in 13 colors:

Available on:

  • Skill shapes
  • Folding mats
  • Landing mats
  • Incline mats
  • Throw mats
  • Resi-Pits
  • Ninja systems
  • Custom padding (standard)
  • Wainscot panels (optional upcharge)

14-oz. Vinyl Fabric Mat Colors

Durable, fire-retardant vinyl fabric – available in 12 colors:

Available on:

  • Wainscot panels (standard)
  • Custom padding

15-oz. UV Outdoor Vinyl Fabric Mat Colors

Water- and mildew-resistant vinyl fabric designed for outdoor color retention – available in 12 colors:

Available on:

  • Wainscot panels (optional upcharge)
  • Custom padding (optional upcharge)

Non-standard colors may be available upon request for an additional charge.