Revitalize, Refresh … Recondition

Extend the life of your mat.

Resilite’s exclusive reconditioning process will add years to the life of your wrestling mat. Each mat is cleaned, repaired and trimmed to be re-squared before a fresh vinyl coating is applied on both sides and all edges.

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What Does the Mat Reconditioning Process Include?

  1. Pick-up & Delivery: Resilite will schedule your mat to be picked up using our own fleet of trucks, saving you money and minimizing the risk of damage.
  2. Cleaning & Repair: Following a full evaluation, Resilite will clean and repair any imperfections, gouges, cuts or tears to the mat and seams. Please note: Mat wrinkles are a normal cosmetic characteristic of all PVC foam mats and cannot be removed during the reconditioning process. You can minimize wrinkling by always using mat tubes when rolling your mat.
  3. Trimming & Re-squaring: Resilite will trim the edges and re-square your mat, removing as little material as possible.
  4. New Vinyl Coating: Resilite will resurface both sides and all edges of your mat using our exclusive hot-spray vinyl coating. You may select from any of our 25 standard colors.
  5. Standard Markings Application: We’ll reapply standard markings (as shown) in the color of your choice.
  1. 1-Year Limited Warranty: Resilite prides itself on quality workmanship, customer service and overall satisfaction. We guarantee all reconditioned wrestling mats against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of reconditioning.
  2. Optional – New Layout & Design: Reconditioning is a good opportunity to update the look of your mat by adding artwork, lettering logos. Resilite will provide FREE design assistance if you choose to update your mat layout during this process; additional graphics applications will be priced accordingly.
  3. Optional – Mircobran® Microbial Protection: Microban technology helps prevent the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Applied to both mat surfaces, it works 24/7 to keep mats fresher between cleanings for the lifetime of the mat. Microban technology is available on reconditioned mats for an additional cost.

3 Easy Steps to Mat Reconditioning

Step 1: Complete the Reconditioning Order Form

  • Inspect both sides of your mat to verify its condition and make note of its colors and markings.
  • Download the Mat Reconditioning Order Form and complete it in full, including markings/layout instructions and at least 2 contact numbers. Please note that we can no longer accept “as previous” or “as is” notations!

Step 2: Submit the Required Paperwork for Processing

Fax, mail, or email the following to Resilite (information included on order form):

  • Copy of completed order form (if mailing, do not send original)
  • Signed purchase order*
  • Any applicable artwork

*If reconditioning is being paid for by a booster or athletic club, we require payment in full before shipping your mat.

Step 3: Prepare Your Mat for Pick-Up

You’ll receive a Reconditioning Packet for each mat to be reconditioned. Using those materials:

  1. Roll your mat(s) in preparation for pickup by Resilite.
    NOTE: For best results and to prevent excessive wrinkling, always use mat tubes!
  2. Write the school name and PO number on the ultra-bright Reconditioning Notice, and indicate the total number of mat sections.
    NOTE: A single mat includes all sections for that mat. If more than 1 mat is being reconditioned, separate order forms must be submitted for each, and you will receive Reconditioning Packet for each mat.
  3. Put the original Order Form (fully completed and signed) and artwork (if applicable) behind the Reconditioning Notice and insert all into the clear document pouch provided.
    NOTE: If ordering reconditioning for more than 1 mat, indicate “Mat #1 of x,” Mat #2 of x,” etc., on each Reconditioning Notice.
  4. Attach the self-adhesive Document Pouch to the mat, ensuring that the Reconditioning Notice (with school name and PO number) is clearly visible.
    NOTE: Resilite will NOT pick up a mat without the Reconditioning Notice and Order Form attached properly in the clear pouch. Customers will be responsible for return shipping charges if the wrong mat is retrieved due to incorrect labeling.

Once we have the information we need, we’ll call you to schedule your mat pickup date and time. It’s that easy!

Please note:

  • Upon arrival at your facility, your mat will require curing time. Please refer to our Care and Handling Instructions that are provided with your reconditioned mat.
  • Due to mat re-squaring, edge trimming and resurfacing, your reconditioned mat will be slightly smaller. All vinyl-coated wrestling mats experience an additional shrinkage of 2%-4% due to the resurfacing process.
  • Some mats cannot be reconditioned due to wear, poor surface and/or overall condition. Review our “Can my mat be reconditioned?” guidelines first, and if you’re still unsure if your mat is eligible for reconditioning, call us at 800-843-6287 or contact your local representative.

Mat Reconditioning Estimate Form