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Why Choose Resilite for Your Climbing Mats?

Our experience here is rooted in our long history in developing and manufacturing high impact landing mats used in the sport of gymnastics and stunt training. The type of climbing wall crash mats required for climbing areas may be relative to the wall type, climbing styles, user’s skill level, or a combination of all three.

Public and Private Schools, University and Public Recreational centers, Ninja Facilities, Home Practice Walls, and Sport Specific Climbing Facilities are examples where climbing gym crash pads, bouldering mats, and rock climbing mats are needed for both recreational and the sport climbing.  >> Need mats? Request a quote now. <<

The purpose of the climbing mat is to attenuate the shock of an unintended fall and minimize the probability of injury, and at the same time remain stable under foot. Every wall has different requirements. This could include dimensions of the fall area to be covered, mat height, foam core, and seam location covers to maximize the mats overall performance.

With the wide range of climbing wall crash mat configurations and applications for the all different types of walls, each mat, for all intents and purposes, is custom. Resilite takes pride in consulting with our customers to help them determine which mat configuration will best meet their needs.  >> Request a quote.

Recreational Climbing Wall Mats

Resilite Sports Products, Inc has a long standing history amongst action driven athletics and sports.

Resilite Sports Products, Inc. is a testament to American craftsmanship and innovation in the world of action-driven sports. With its roots deeply planted in the early 1950s, Resilite has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of athletic mats for wrestling, gymnastics, and other high-impact sports for over half a century.

The company was founded on the principle of providing the highest quality sports mats that prioritize athlete safety and performance. As the original inventor of the vinyl-coated wrestling mat, Resilite revolutionized the industry by creating mats that were lighter, more durable, and easier to clean than the traditional canvas-covered tatamis of the past.

Throughout the decades, Resilite has expanded its product line to cater to a wide range of sports, including cheerleading, MMA, and even rock climbing, never wavering in their commitment to quality and impact protection. Each mat is produced in the USA, with a dedication to durability and athlete protection that has become the standard in schools, gyms, and professional sports arenas across the country.

As a family-owned and woman-owned business, Resilite champions the values of community, customer focus, and American manufacturing. The company not only contributes to the physical well-being of athletes but also fosters the spirit of sportsmanship and competition that is essential to the athletic world.

Today, Resilite remains at the forefront of its industry, continuously innovating and adapting to the evolving needs of athletes and coaches. With a legacy of excellence and a future focused on advancement and empowerment, Resilite Sports Products, Inc. stands as a pillar of quality and reliability in the athletic community.

Many Gym facilities are transitioning to accommodate the interests of athletes seeking a variety of action sports activities. 

Ninja Climbing Wall Mats

The landscape of gymnastic facilities is indeed evolving to meet the eclectic tastes of today's athletes and sports enthusiasts. As people's interests broaden and cross-training becomes more popular, many gymnastics facilities and traditional sports centers are adapting to become more multifaceted. Here are some of the transitions and trends observed:

  1. Multipurpose Spaces: Gymnastics centers, recognizing the similarities between their core activities and those of parkour or stunt training, are modifying spaces to serve multiple purposes. They're integrating equipment like landing mats, Padded Landing Pits, and padded floors that are suitable for a variety of athletic practices.

  2. Flexible Design: Facilities are increasingly investing in equipment that is not only safe and high-quality but also versatile. Mats and padding by Resilite are designed to be durable and adaptable, suitable for a wide range of activities from gymnastics to Combat Sports to Balance and stunt work.

  3. Cross-Disciplinary Programs: Gyms are offering classes across different sports disciplines. This not only maximizes the use of their space but also caters to athletes who seek comprehensive training experiences. For instance, gymnastics centers may offer Ninja classes, leveraging their existing infrastructure and expertise.

  4. Community Engagement: To attract a broader audience, facilities often host events or sessions that cater to niche sports communities. This includes opening up spaces for activities like cheerleading, wrestling, and even obstacle course training, which might appeal to the growing community of action sports enthusiasts.

  5. Impact Standards: With the introduction of new sports into these facilities, there's a heightened focus on impact standards. Having the name Resilite on a mat is ensuring that their equipment meets the necessary impact standards  to protect athletes across all activities.

  6. Technology Integration: Some facilities are incorporating technology to enhance training. This can include video replay systems for performance analysis or apps that allow athletes to track their progress in different sports disciplines.

  7. Branding and Marketing: Gyms are rebranding themselves as all-in-one training destinations. Their marketing efforts highlight the diversity of their offerings, showcasing how one facility can meet multiple athletic needs.

  8. Partnering with Experts: To provide authentic experiences in new sports offerings, facilities are partnering with experts from those fields. For example, a gymnastics center may bring in a seasoned parkour instructor to design a course and lead classes.

By transitioning in these ways, gym facilities are not just responding to the interests of athletes but are actively shaping the future of training and sports participation. This inclusive and innovative approach broadens their appeal, encourages community building, and fosters a culture of athletic diversity.

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