A Partnership for Empowerment: Resilite and Wrestle Like a Girl

A Partnership for Empowerment: Resilite and Wrestle Like a Girl

A Partnership for Empowerment: Resilite and Wrestle Like a Girl Working to Grow Women's Wrestling. 

In line with our recent certification as a Woman-Owned Small Business, our commitment to female empowerment and women's wrestling extends beyond our company walls. We are proud to partner with Wrestle Like a Girl, an organization dedicated to advocating for girls and women in wrestling, to ensure they have a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment to learn and grow in the sport of wrestling.

Empowering Athletes on and off the Wrestling Mat: Wrestle Like a Girl works tirelessly to empower females through the sport of wrestling, providing leadership, social, and advocacy opportunities. Resilite's involvement goes hand in hand with these efforts. By providing top-of-the-line wrestling mats, we're ensuring that female athletes have the best resources to train effectively and compete at the highest levels.

Supporting Shared Goals: Our partnership with Wrestle Like a Girl is not just about supplying wrestling mats—it's a shared mission to inspire confidence and success in young women. It's about creating wrestling rooms where women can challenge themselves, build strength, and learn the values of wrestling. Resilite stands with Wrestle Like a Girl in the pursuit of making wrestling a sport where girls can proudly compete and excel.

A Spotlight on Equality and Safety: Safety on the mat is crucial, but the safety of one's dreams and ambitions is equally important. Wrestle Like a Girl initiatives align with Resilite's dedication to providing a safe and supportive landscape for female wrestlers. Our products are designed to safeguard athletes, but our partnership is aimed at protecting and nurturing their aspirations.

Championing Change Together: Resilite's WOSB certification and partnership with Wrestle Like a Girl are more than symbols—they are active steps toward change. Together, we are championing a future where the wrestling mat is a foundation for building strong, confident women ready to take on the world.

 The fabric of Resilite is woven with the threads of empowerment, inclusivity, and excellence. Our collaboration with Wrestle Like a Girl exemplifies these threads in action. As we celebrate our WOSB certification, we also celebrate our role in supporting the growth of women’s wrestling—a cause that resonates deeply with our identity and vision for the future.

Join us as we continue to support and celebrate female athletes, ensuring every individual has the opportunity to Wrestle Like a Girl and live like a champion, both in and out of the sports arena.

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