Non-Folding Incline Mats

SKU: RIM2448
Sale price$251.00
Color: Black
Size: 2' x 4'
Style: FIRM

Non-Folding Incline Mats are a perfect choice for gymnastics and tumbling, offering a high-level of safety and support during skill development. Constructed with heavy-duty 18-oz. double-coated vinyl fabric, they come in your choice of one solid color or two contrasting colors. A must-have for beginner to advanced athletes, the mats provide essential cushioning and stability for improved performance.

  • Standard Sizes:
    - 24" W x 48" L x 14" H
    - 36" W x 72" L x 16" H
    - 48" W x 72" L x 16" H
    - 60" W x 84" L x 18" H
  • Firm Top Sizes:
    - 24" W x 48" L x 16" H
    - 36" W x 72" L x 18" H
    - 48" W x 72" L x 18" H
    - 60" W x 84" L x 20" H

Available in your choice of 14 vinyl colors on both the sides and on the top. However, one color only with online purchases. To mix colors, or for other color options not listed on the website, please contact the Resilite office at 1-800-843-6287.

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