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Since 1959, Resilite has been manufacturing all of our products right here in the United States. We pride ourselves on using only the finest foams and fabrics available. That’s why we're proud to offer our Aly Raisman Signature Series. These products are great for home use or with your students in the gym.

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Gymnastics Skill Development Mats Shop All Gymnastics »

The Smarter Spotter

Help students learn proper techniques for a variety of advanced tumbling drills.

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Octagon Barrel

Cost-effective & versatile training set to teach dive rolls, handsprings & walkovers.

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XLE Vault System

Configures to meet all USAG Xcel through L7 competition specifications.

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Ninja Vert Wall

Create a challenging vertical wall for pre-K through elementary-aged students.

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Incline System

Helps teach bar releases and when broken down, offers countless skill stations.

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Gymnastics Performance Mats Shop Throw Mats & Skill Cushions »

Throw Mats

Perfect for training and supplemental competition landing mats.

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Competition Landing Mat

Meets high school, USAG & NCAA specifications for competitive gymnastics.

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Super Soft Skill Cushion

10" thick, super-soft polyurethane foam core; available in 3 sizes.

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The Resi-Pit

Versatile above-ground training mat; less expensive than open foam pits.

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Vault Development System

Configurable to four different heights that allow students to move up as their skill level increases.

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Gymnastics Apparatus Mats Shop Apparatus Mats »

Fitted Pommel Dome Mat

Mats are 1 3/8" thick and are contoured fit to sit securely around flange of base.

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Vault Anchor Mats

Designed and built to meet compettion specifications - Available in 2 thicknesses.

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Pommel Horse Fitted Mat

12' wide x 13' long x 12cm thick; designed to fit AAI Elite Base.

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The perfect solution for hard-to-pad areas and for separating areas of the gym.

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The Stack Spotting Blocks

Set of two stackable spotting blocks, 24" high each. Great anywhere in the gym.

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Home-Use Gymnastics Mats Shop Home-Use »

Personalized Folding Mat

A lightweight practice bream that folds in half for easy handling and storage.

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Pre-Elite Low Beam

Two 4-ft sections easily connect to create an 8-ft practice beam.

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Incline Wedge Mat

Great for tumbling exercises and for learning front & back walkovers.

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Ready to Ship Smarter Spotter

Emphasize proper technique for handsprings and walkovers at home.

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Home Use Folding Mats

Our most popular folding mat is perfect for use over cement or hardwood floors.

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Resilite Gymnastics Mats & Skill Shapes

Resilite’s Gymnastics products are manufactured in the United States using the best quality of foam, vinyl, and manufacturing technology available.

From landing mats, genuine Resi-Pits, apparatus mats, incline mats, throw mats, folding mats, vault development systems, to skill shapes like the patented Smarter Spotter, octagons, practice balance beams, and various home-use gymnastics mats and training aids – Resilite is your trusted source for performance gymnastics mats, padding, and skill shapes that help develop tomorrow’s champions.

The Best Gymnastics Products for Tomorrow’s Champions

Resilite offers a vast line of innovative and progressive gymnastics products. Beginner gymnast skill shapes help promote coordination, balance, and a variety of other motor skills. Items like the Extra Wide Foam Low Beam, the Resi-Rocker, The Moat, Rainbow Tunnel, The Mailbox, and many others are designed for pre-K through elementary aged gymnastics students.

Advanced gymnast skill shapes are designed with form and technique in mind. Student athletes can train smarter with innovative products such as the ScoopTM Incline System, designed to promote correct body form throughout the skill. Resilite’s gymnastics items like the patented Smarter Spotter and Octagon Barrel help promote muscle-memory and advanced skills such as tumbling, handsprings, and walkovers.

Custom Gymnastics Padding Solutions Also Available

Resilite can help protect every inch of your gym or training area. From carpet bonded foam flooring to barrier pads and column wraps, contact us for a free Gymnastics Quote or for design assistance.