Vinyl Paint Colors & Layouts

Vinyl paint is applied using a hot-spray technique for better mat feel and durability.

Wrestling Mat Colors

Our exclusive #457 hot-spray polyvinyl coating is available in 25 standard colors:

Special colors are available upon request for an additional charge.

Colors are for screen representation only; actual colors may vary. Contact us to request a color sample.

Available on:

  • Classic Mats
  • LiteWeight Mats
  • Kwik-Stik Wall Padding
  • LiteWeight Wall Padding
  • Lettering & Insignias


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Choose from the standard competition layouts and practice markings below, or have us design a custom layout for you. LiteWeight Mats are coated on the top surface with our exclusive vinyl coating; Classic Mats can accommodate a different layout on each side.


A Standard Layout is a mat that is painted one solid color. The circle lines and the Referee/Starting Lines are painted in your choice of contrasting color. One set of Referee/Starting Lines are included.

Standard Layout Standard Layout Standard Layout


For a minimal increase in pricing, you can achieve a dramatic mat design by adding a second paint color. Two-Tone mat layouts use two colors. One set of referee/starting lines is included.

Two Tone Two Tone


For a Tri-Tone Layout, three or more colors are used on the mat. The number of color combinations is almost unlimited, so the below are a few sample ideas. One set of referee/starting lines is included.

Tri Tone Tri Tone Tri Tone


Choose from international markings (FILA) or Freestyle Grecko Roman color options. Includes opposite red and blue corners and a 1-meter center circle. You may choose to have a Broken Passivity Zone Line.



Mat layouts can be designed to accommodate your practice needs; below are a few of the most popular options.

Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice

When designing your practice mat, keep in mind the following:

  • Speed & type of drill
  • Skill level
  • Size & age of users
  • Number of participants
  • Available space & required buffer zones

Note: if you’d like more subtle practice circles, select a color a shade darker or lighter than the mat color.

Other Layouts

Other Other Other

Referee/Starting Lines

As a standard, Resilite places the RED on the right and GREEN on the left, as if the scoring table is located at the bottom of the mat. The RED and GREEN can be switched. Please specify the placement of the scoring table and the RED and GREEN starting lines when placing your order.

wrestling mat colors: Referee/Starting Lines

Pricing is based upon the number of colors, number of solid areas, and additional options added. To obtain a quote, you may:

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