Law Enforcement - Wall Padding

Tactical Training Equipment & Mats for Military/Law Enforcement Drills

Resilite Law Enforcement Mats and Padding

Resilite Classic and LiteWeight Mats are the ideal solution for police training mats, including combative training, tactical training, defensive tactics, self-defense classes and striking. Whether you are a police department, United States military, combative training center, or wanting to train at home, we have the right mat for you.

The Best Law Enforcement Mats for America’s Finest

Resilite offers exclusive Law Enforcement Mat features not found anywhere else, like our traditional Classic-style grappling mats, used by elite military services and in federal training and tactical training rooms. Resilite’s tape-free LiteWeight Zip Mats are perfect for multi-functional training rooms and spaces. Zip Mats can easily be set-up and quickly taken-down, allowing your classroom to convert into a self-defense and combative training room within minutes. Every Resilite Law Enforcement Mat is manufactured in the United States using the latest technology and best materials available for a mat with high-performance and a long life.

Custom Law Enforcement Padding Solutions Also Available

Resilite can help pad your training area for wall-to-wall protection. From mats and wall padding, to supplemental crash mats, folding panel mats, and foam Plyo Boxes, contact us for a free Law Enforcement Quote or for design assistance.