Safety Padding & Industrial Facility Protection Solutions

Resilite Industrial Mats & Safety Padding for Columns

Resilite Industrial pads and mats are the perfect solution for hard-to-protect areas such as beams and poles, stop boxes, control panels, cages and railings, and to protect flooring. Industrial pads can be designed specifically to your specifications for indoor or outdoor applications. Outdoor industrial pads include UV protection.

The Best Industrial Padding for America’s Workforce

With custom padding shapes such as I-beam pads, U-shaped beam pads, L-shaped beam pads, hexagon padding, cage rail padding, and column wraps, Resilite’s industrial padding for factory-type obstructions is the perfect fit. From manufacturing and warehousing facilities, to schools and universities where risk managers require a customized pad to cover irregular obstructions, Resilite Industrial Padding has you covered. Every Resilite pad and mat is manufactured in the United States using the latest technology and best materials available for a pad with impact protection, durability and a longevity.

Custom Padding is our Specialty

Nearly every project is different. Resilite will custom-manufacturer a pad specific to your needs. Simply send us your specifications and Resilite will handle the rest. Contact us for a free Industrial Pad Quote or for design assistance.