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Foam Plyo Box

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Foam Plyo Box

Great for Crossfit or general fitness and strength training.

Available in 6", 12", 20" and 24" height
Order Individually or as a full set of 4

  • Constructed from high-desnity solid foam core, firm enough to perform plyometric movements
  • Covered with 18 oz. heavy-duty vinyl fabric
  • Hook-and-loop tabs allow boxes to be stacked and secured
  • Easy-grip handles for easy movement and positioniong of boxes
  • Box Dimensions: 30" wide x 32" L x H ( 6", 12", 20", 24" )

NOTE: Plyoboxes should always be used on top of a non-slip surface, such as rubber weight room flooring. Do not use boxes directly on any smooth flooring such tile, concrete, wood, etc.

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