Resilite Lightweight Wrestling Mats

Superb Protection. Exclusive Surface. Unmatched Customization.

Resilite LiteWeight Mats combine the most versatility with the greatest performance available.

Resilite’s LiteWeight Mat goes far above and beyond the dull, stiff surface used on other light weight mats. Featuring our exclusive hot-sprayed, vinyl-coated surface, they have the same feel as our Classic Mats, and their bright look and durable finish last for years.

Choose a Resilite LiteWeight Mat if

You want superior protection and performance: The Resilite "G-Max Approved" seal is your assurance that our LiteWeight Mats meet or exceed the ASTM 355 impact test.

You want quick, easy set-up and take-down: The Zip, the first tape-free interlocking mat connection system, is only available on Resilite LiteWeight mats. Learn more »

You want the best mat surface combined with maximum portability: Resilite LiteWeight mats feature the same exclusive hot-sprayed poly-vinyl coating used on our Classic Mats, and our 1-5/8" polyethylene foam core with flexible tambour slits makes for easy rolling, moving and handling.

You want unlimited graphics & artwork customization options: Our exclusive DigiPrint technology uses vivid-color high-definition printing with a color-enhancing topcoat. Learn more »

Colors & Layouts

Resilite offers a variety of standard mat sizes that meet NCAA and NHFS guidelines as well as custom size and layout options to meet your needs. We offer 25 standard mat colors, and can print designs in 1, 2, or 3 colors.

Lightweight Wrestling Mats 1 color design Lightweight Wrestling Mats 2 color design Lightweight Wrestling Mats 3 color design

View color & layout options »

Lettering & Artwork

We have an extensive selection of standard fonts and can print lettering in 1-, 2-, or 3-color designs. Our design team can also personalize your mat with custom artwork and graphics.

Lightweight Wrestling Mats 1-color letters Lightweight Wrestling Mats 2-color letters Lightweight Wrestling Mats 3-color letters

View lettering & artwork options »

Take Mat Design to the Next Level

With our exclusive DigiPrint technology, you can create truly unique designs using high-resolution, photo-realistic graphics and images.

DigiPrint technology DigiPrint technology DigiPrint technology

Learn more about DigiPrint »

Cutting Edge Connection Technology

Resilite is proud to be the creator and manufacturer of the first and only mats that feature a tape-free interlocking connection system.

Zip Mat Zip Mat Zip Mat

Learn more about The Zip Mat »

Antimicrobial Protection

Only Resilite LiteWeight Mats come with built-in antimicrobial protection. Microban® is added during the manufacturing process to provide continuous protection against the bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and deterioration—and it will never wash off or wear away.

Microban protection comes standard on every new LiteWeight Mat at no additional cost.

Microban FAQs »


Our LiteWeight Mats are 1-5/8” thick and meet or exceed ASTM F 1081-03 "Standard Specification for Competition Wrestling Mats" in accordance with ASTM F 355 "Test Method for Shock Absorbing Properties of Playing Surface Systems and Materials."

Download specs for RLW-758 »

Compare Our Liteweight vs. Our Competitors' Mats

Feature Our Liteweight Competitors' Liteweight
Foam type Closed Cell Polyethylene Closed Cell Polyethylene
Foam density 2.2 lb 2.2 lb
Mat thickness 1.625" 1.5-2.0"
Double-sided? No No
Wrestling surface Reinforced vinyl scrim with hot-spray poly-vinyl coating » Vinyl fabric
Standard color options 25 colors » 8-12 colors
Logos, lettering, graphics Unlimited options with DigiPrint » Limited options
Sections & sizes 5'- or 6'-wide sections 6'-wide sections
Connection method The Zip » or tape Hook & loop or tape
Weight per square foot .5 lbs .5 lbs
Portability High High
Reconditioning available? No No
Custom training room options Comprehensive » Limited

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