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The Ultimate in Performance, Function, and Workout

From multi-purpose recreation centers and fitness facilities to cross-fit gyms and weight rooms, Resilite provides mats, flooring and customized padding solutions to facilities across the country.

Foam Plyo Boxes

Soft enough for an easy landing, yet sturdy enough for a rigorous workout, Foam Plyo Boxes are an essential training tool that builds lower body strength, explosiveness, and stamina. Constructed with high-density solid foam core and 18-oz. heavy-duty vinyl, you can push towards your max on every box jump without the fear of a missing the box.

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Aerobic Mat

Perfect for aerobics, weight training, plyo-metrics, push-ups, sit-ups, and yoga. The Aerobic Mat is ideal for use on hardwood floors, concrete, gym floors, or carpet. Each mat folds in half and includes an easy-grip handle for multi-purpose uses and convenient storage. Available in four colors and three sizes, the Aerobic Mat is the ideal exercise mat for at home or in the gym - all at a great price.

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Balance Trainers

The most versatility at a great value. The Balance Trainer is a multi-functional trainer in a small package. Lightweight and portable, use the Balance Trainer for challenging Pistol Squats or with two, you can turn any workout into an intense full-body routine by using the Balance Trainer for Elevated Push-ups, Handstand Push-ups, or L-Raises. Starting at only $99, the Balance Trainer is perfect trainer for at home or in the gym.

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Rumble Strips

Great for working on agility and quick footwork, Rumble Strips provide a soft-foam obstacle for indoor or outdoor training. Use the Rumble Strips in aerobic training while working on conditioning or for designating class flow. The heavy-duty 18-oz. vinyl is designed to withstand abuse from rigorous activities and routines.

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Large Fitness Mats

Designed to be shock-absorbing for aerobic exercise or other repetitive impact activities, Resilite mats provide a cushioned athletic surface that feels great on your joints and body.

Classic Mats are a traditional-style, heavy-weight mat that is used in wrestling rooms nationwide. Providing the desired feel for training, Classic Mats have grown to be more than a wrestling mat and can be found in gyms and fitness centers across the country. Classic Mats are the preferred mat for permanent placement locations.

LiteWeight Mats, as their name suggests, are lightweight and portable. Perfect for frequent set-up and take-down, LiteWeight Mats offer a similar feel and excellent shock-absorption as Classic Mats. After use, easily roll the LiteWeight sections and stand them on-end for convenient storage.

Compare Classic vs. LiteWeight vs. our competitors' mats

Feature Our Classic Our LiteWeight Competitors' Lightweight
Foam type Closed Cell Elastimeric Closed Cell Polyethylene Closed Cell Polyethylene
Foam density 4.7 lb 2.2 lb 2.2 lb
Mat thickness 1" or 1.25" 1.625" 1.5-2.0"
Double-sided Yes No No
Mat surface Hot-spray poly-vinyl coating » Reinforced vinyl scrim with hot-spray poly-vinyl coating » Vinyl fabric
Standard color options 25 colors » 25 colors » 8-12 colors
Logos, lettering, graphics Extensive options Unlimited options with DigiPrint » Limited options
Sections & sizes 1, 3 or 5 pieces, sections up to 50' wide 5'- or 6'-wide sections 6'-wide sections
Connection method Tape The Zip »
or tape
Hook & loop or tape
Weight per square foot 1.2 lbs .5 lbs .5 lbs
Portability Medium High High
Reconditioning available Yes » No No
Custom training room options Comprehensive Comprehensive Limited

Not sure which mat is right for you? We can help you decide.

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Vinyl Paint Colors

Exclusive #457 Hot-spray Polyvinyl Coating

Our Classic & LiteWeight Mats are available in 25 standard colors:

Special colors are available upon request.

Exclusive DigiPrint Technology

Take Your Mat from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Available on any new LiteWeight Mat or Wainscot Wall Padding, Resilite’s exclusive printing technology allows you to create vibrant, dramatic designs using high-resolution, photo-realistic graphics and images. Welcome to a new millennium in mat design where there are unlimited possibilities with amazing results.

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Carpeted Foam Fitness Flooring

Carpeted foam flooring is another great solution for use in multi-purpose areas. Resilite has the perfect solution for your facility: whether it’s a single carpeted practice mat or carpet bonded foam rolls to fill an entire room, we’ve got you covered.

Our carpeted foam flooring is also the ideal surface for use with our Ninja Warrior Systems.

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Our Best-Selling Fitness ProductsView all »

Plyo Boxes

Great for CrossFit or general fitness and strength training.

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Resitough Rolled Flooring

Durable flooring ideal for weight rooms, fitness and strength training areas—even hallways and offices.

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Excellent for fitness training; laminated with exclusive dura-scrim to improve rebound and shock-absorbency.

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LiteWeight Wall Padding is available in 25 colors and can be color-matched to any Resilite Classic or LiteWeight Mat.

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Interlocking floor tiles provide an ideal foam practice surface for light training or workouts.

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Plyo Boxes Testimonial

You can’t beat the quality and performance of Resilite’s Plyo Boxes. They’re super sturdy, but still soft enough to make for an easy landing.

Jake Stabley, Owner of CrossFit Hereafter

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Resilite Fitness Mats & Padding

Resilite Classic and LiteWeight Mats are perfect for functional fitness centers, CrossFit gyms, boxes, and boot camps, climbing and rock wall gyms, multi-use facilities, as well as rehabilitation and physical therapy centers. If you're the owner of a fitness training center or are training at home, we have the fitness mat or foam carpeted flooring that is right for you.

In addition to large fitness floor mats, Resilite also offers foam Plyo Boxes, aerobic mats, folding mats, crash mats, weight room flooring, youth Ninja Warrior training products, and other custom padding solutions to safely pad and protect a variety of areas throughout your facility.

The Best Fitness Mats for Premier Athletes

Resilite offers exclusive Fitness Mat features not found anywhere else, like our Classic Mat, used in high-end fitness centers across the United States.

Our LiteWeight DigiPrint Mats feature outstanding, photo-like graphics to create a unique mat that will attract and retain your customers unlike any other facility. Our tape-free LiteWeight Zip Mats are easy to set-up and, with no tape needed for the seams, are easier to clean and disinfect than other mats.

Every Resilite Fitness Mat is manufactured in the United States using the latest technology and best materials available for a mat with high-performance, durability, and a long life.

Custom Fitness Padding Solutions Also Available

From weight room flooring to custom padding solutions, Resilite can help protect every inch of your fitness training area. Contact us with any questions or for design assistance, or use our online form to request a free Fitness Quote.