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Our cheer mats and skill shapes are designed to help athletes and coaches build the strong foundation necessary to develop competition-ready all-stars.

Mat Color Options

Resilite mats are available in 13 vibrant colors. The double-coated, 18-ounce, puncture- and tear-resistant vinyl fabric leads to excellent product longevity. The fabric is infused with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents and cleans easily with mild soap & water or mat disinfectant.

Mat Color options available

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Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls

Our flex-cut, competition-ready Carpet Bonded Foam is made with high quality cross-linked polythylene foam and heat laminated to 26-ounce needle punch carpet, ensuring a secure bond. It's available in 9 vivid colors. Rolls are 6' wide by 42' to 43.5' long and are easy to set up, tear down, and store.

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Resilite Inclines come ia a varity of standard sizes, or can be customized to fill a specific need. Solid polyurethane and dual density firm top models are available, as well as non-fold and folding options.

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Cheer Stunt Balance Trainer

A lightweight & portable trainer for young cheerleaders; great for home use.

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Cheer Floor

Easy-to-roll for programs where frequent set-up and tear-down is needed.

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Cheer Octagon Barrel

Improves balance & flexibility, helps teach dive rolls, handsprings & walkovers.

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Smarter Spotter Tumbling Trainer

Help students learn proper techniques for a variety of advanced tumbling drills.

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Resi-Hall for Cheer Development

Create various configurations for cartwheel & roundoff development training.

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Resilite Cheer Mats, Flooring & Skill Shapes

All of Resilite’s Cheerleading products and training aids are manufactured in the United States using the latest technology and best materials available.

From landing mats, skill cushions, and throw mats for cheer stunt training, to folding mats, incline mats, and skill shapes like the patented Smarter Spotter, octagons, and various home-use cheer mats and training aids – Resilite is your trusted source for performance cheerleading carpeted flooring, cheer mats, padding, and skill shapes that help develop all-stars.

The Best Cheerleading Products for Tomorrow’s All-Stars

In addition to cheer mats and floors, Resilite offers a vast line of innovative and progressive cheerleading products for stunting practice and competitive cheer.

Each cheerleading skill shape is designed with form and technique in mind. Innovative cheer training aids like the patented Smarter Spotter, Octagon Barrel, and Balance Trainer all help promote advanced skills such as tumbling, handsprings, walkovers, balance and strength.

Custom Cheerleading Padding Solutions Also Available

Resilite can help protect every inch of your gym or training area with products such as carpet bonded foam flooring, barrier pads and column wraps. Contact us for a free cheer mat quote or for cheerleading product or design assistance.