The Smarter Spotter 30" Smarter Spotter: Green / Yellow

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Resilite's Smarter Spotter Received a U.S. Patent!

U.S. PATENT NO: 7,901,328

Resilite's NEW Advanced Tumbling Trainer!

The Smarter Spotter is designed to be the most versatile trainer you'll ever own!

Resilite's Smarter Spotter holds a U.S. patent for its innovative and unique design to allow students to learn proper techniques required for a variety of advanced tumbling drills. The Smarter Spotter offers the proper support needed with a controlled rotation during the full motion of each tumbling drill.

A Great Training Aid For:

  • Back Handsprings
  • Back Walkovers
  • Front Walkovers
  • Front Handsprings
  • Vault Training Drills with our FREE Chock Stabilizer that easily velcros to the Smarter Spotter and to the Carpet.
  • The Smarter Spotter is 36" wide and is available in 4 heights to accommodate a variety of students.

4 Sizes:

  • 26" Model (Navy Blue / Yellow): Best suited for students up to 48" tall
  • 30" Model: (Green / Yellow): Best suited for students 48" to 53" tall
  • 35" Model: (Red / Yellow): Best suited for students 53" to 58" tall
  • 40" Model: (Royal Blue / Yellow): Best suited for students 58" and taller

Smarter Spotter drills

Covered with our 18 oz. vinyl fabric and each Smarter Spotter is available in the attractive, two-color combination listed below:

Available in 26", 30", 35", and 40" sizes.

Smarter Spotter - available in 4 sizes

Smater Spotter Size:

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Customer Reviews

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These things are great! I've been using them mainly as "solo" drill stations for both front and back limbers, walkovers and handsprings. They gently reinforce proper body position. The girls like to use them, have fun using them, and have discovered that even when they "mess up", it's not painful - just funny. With the chocks installed, they're good as vault trainers and conditioning stations. And they even work turned on their sides as spotting blocks.

Too "flipping" expensive!!! It's foam & vinyl....

RESILITE: Resilite's Smarter Spotter is uniquely designed and competitively priced as an advanced tumbling trainer.
It also holds a US Patent and is available in four different sizes.