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26" x 26" x 32" - Navy Blue / Yellow


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  • Resilite's NEW Advanced Tumbling Trainer! The Smarter Spotter is designed to be the most versatile trainer you'll ever own
  • Holding a U.S. patent (U.S. PATENT NO: 7,901,328) for its innovative and unique design, Resilite's Smarter Spotter allows students to learn proper techniques required for a variety of advanced tumbling drills
  • The Smarter Spotter offers the proper support needed with a controlled rotation during the full motion of each tumbling drill
  • Covered with our 18 oz. vinyl fabric and each Smarter Spotter is available in the attractive, two-color combination listed below

  • A Great Training Aid For:
    • Back Handsprings
    • Back Walkovers
    • Front Walkovers
    • Front Handsprings
    • Vault Training Drills with our FREE Chock Stabilizer that easily velcros to the Smarter Spotter and to the Carpet.
    • The Smarter Spotter is 32" wide and is available in 4 heights to accommodate a variety of students.

    Smarter Spotter - available in 4 sizes

    Available in Four Sizes:

    • 26" Model (Navy Blue / Yellow): Best suited for students up to 48" tall
    • 30" Model: (Green / Yellow): Best suited for students 48" to 57" tall
    • 35" Model: (Red / Yellow): Best suited for students 57" to 66" tall
    • 40" Model: (Royal Blue / Yellow): Best suited for students 66" and taller

    Please Call 1-800-843-6287 to Order.

    Smarter Spotter - progression images

    The Advanced Tumbling Trainer

    Home Use Smarter Spotter

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