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8-ft Pre-Elite Low Beam (2pc) - Pink


Pre-Elite Low Beam

Resilite's hugely popular Pre-Elite Low Beam is now NEW & IMPROVED!

  • Two 4-ft long sections easily connect end to end to create a sturdy 8-ft beam.
  • Each section is a stable two piece top and bottom design
  • Can be extended* to build a beam that is 12-ft, 16-ft or longer.
  • 4" top working surface with a 9" wide stable base.
  • Synthetic suede working surface. The same material used on competition balance beams.

** 4-ft long extensions may be purchased separately to create 12-ft or longer beams.
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by Anonymous on December 21, 2016

I think it is great! It looks very sturdy for an elite gymnast or possibly a beginner. This is a great practice beam for me at home for back handsprings, back/front walkovers and any flip! I also like how it can come apart! Good job resilite!

by Anonymous on January 2, 2014

Buy it.

by Anonymous on January 2, 2014

It works for multiple purposes, such as blocks, stretching, and regular beam uses. It is easy to store because of the un-assembling feature to make it 4 ft instead of 8 ft. I highly recommend this product for house hold use, and for the gym.

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