Resilite customizes each mat per specifications of the customer. Your mat can be configured to any size you specify. Your wrestling mat may also be cut to any configuration you specify or kept as a one-piece mat. See the Sections for more information pertaining to having the mat cut into pieces.

All vinyl coated wrestling mats will experience shrinkage (5 - 7%). Resilite does oversize for this shrinkage. Resilite guarantees its mats to be within a +_4% tolerance.

Mat Size Regulations

Resilite's Mat Thickness:
Resilite meets and exceeds this mat thickness rule. In fact, our mats are made of PVC rubber nitrile foam 1" and 1.25" thickness. Wrestling mats made from Polyethylene foam can't compare to the physical properties of PVC Nitrile Foam.

High School Regulation Minimum Mat Sizes

NFSHS - National Federation of State High School Assoc.

Rule 2-1-1: Mat Thickness
The wrestling mat shall be of uniform thickness not more than 4 inches thick nor less than the thickness of a mat which has the shock absorbing qualities of at least one inch PVC vinyl-covered foam.

To order catalogs of the NFSHS rules, go to for more details.

Rule 2-1-2: Wrestling Area/Protection Area/Mat Size
The wrestling area of the mat shall be a minimum of a circular area of 28' in diameter. Surrounding and secured to the wrestling area of the mat shall be a safety mat area approximately 5 feet wide.

(For a High School Regulation Size is minimum of 38' x 38' mat with a minimum of a 28' wrestling circle. Most high schools order a 40' x 40' mat in order to have a larger 30' wrestling circle area.

Rule 2-1-3: Wrestling Area/10' Circle
The wrestling area shall be marked on the mat by painted lines, 2 inches wide, which are out of bounds. At the center of the mat there shall be a 10-foot circle, indicated by a 2-inch line. When the area enclosed by the 10-foot circle and the inbound area of the mat are of contrasting colors, the 2-inch line may be omitted.

Rule 2-1-4: Starting Lines : Click Here for more information.

NCAA Rules & Interpretations

Mats should have a wrestling area between 32 and 42 feet in diameter. There shall be a mat area (or apron) with a minimum width of 5 feet that extends entirely around the wrestling area. The apron area shall be designated by use of either contrasting colors or a 2-inch wide line.

The entire wrestling area and apron shall be the same thickness, which shall not be more than 4 inches nor less than the thickness of a mat that has the shock-absorbing qualities of a 2-inch-thick hair-felt mat. All mats that are in sections shall be secured together.

For a complete listing of the rules and regulations of the NCAA, go to

10' Circle is optional.

Starting Lines: Click Here for more information.