Mat Repair Supplies

Mat Repair Supplies

To ensure long life and durability to your mats, it is important that minor cuts and gouges be repaired immediately with a Resilite Repair Kit. By following the simple instructions on each can, Resilite's paint, glue, Low-VOC solvent (MPK) and caulking compound are easy to use and will repair most minor damages that incurred during normal use.

Vinyl Paint: For touch-up and repair of nicks, cuts, small gouges, etc. on foam mats. Paint is needed for touch-up on top of glue or caulking compound.

Glue: For cementing torn material or repairing parted seams.

Caulking Compound: For filling holes and minor depressions.

Solvent (MPK): To activate painted surface & help bind new paint to original painted areas.

These repair kit supplies are available in small quantities only. See below for additional details. Choose from our 26 standard colors.

PolyVinyl Mat Paint

Solvent (MPK)

Mat Glue

Caulking Compound