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Insignias and Logos

With Team Logos, Insignias, and Sponsor Logos

Logo Template (Pro 1-2)

Resilite can incorporate your logo or artwork of your choice on your wainscot panels. Inspire the team, create pride, and let the audience feel the quality of your wrestling program. Use your imagination and we'll create it.

If you're trying to get donations and sponsorships, show your appreciation by providing a place for sponsor's logo on the wall padding. If you are in need of a mascot, choose from our large selection of available logos per request.

Logo Sizes

Generally, a logo is painted on a 4' wide wainscot panel. Logos are enlarged in proportion to fit either the width or the height of the panel. Smaller logos can be applied to fit on 2' wide panels. Many schools choose to have a large 4' logo in the center and 2' logos on each side of the larger logo. Logos will not be applied across the seams of the panels.

A standard logo is approximately 4' wide.

Logo Locations

4' logo in the center panel
This is generally the standard location for a logo. The logo is centered within the 4' panel.

2' logos on each side of lettering or logos
Some customers choose this option. Logos will be place in the center of the 2' panel unless otherwise noted. Specify if you want "mirror images" of the logos or if you want a logo angled or rotated.

As in the case of the Panther paws shown on the right, 4 small paw prints were angled and across 2 - 2' wide panels as if the animal were walking across the mat. 4 more paws were angled and "mirror images" to add balance and aesthetic appeal.

If you have an idea in mind as to how you would like the logos to appear on your wall, please provide a rough sketch and our customer service personnel will be happy to provide a wall padding quotation.

Logo Colors

Colors Available
Logos can be created with silkscreen colors of yellow, red, white, black, royal blue, navy blue, purple, gray, and kelly green. Special custom colors are available upon request.

Number of Colors in a Logo Determines Price
A standard logo includes 1-color. More colors added will increase the price of the logo.
a) Count the number of colors in the logo.
b) If the logo includes the mat color, that color will NOT be counted as an additional color. If the mat color is changed during an order, the logo must be requoted.

Choosing Logo Colors
When deciding on colors of the logo, keep in mind the color of mat where the image will go. Try to pick colors so that the logo will contrast well against the mat color. If the main color of logo is black and the mat color is black, we can add an outline on the outer edge of the logo (like a sticker) using a contrasting color. Click here to view sample.

How to Provide Us the Logo

The better we able to see the details of your logo, the better we are able to replicate it.

E-Mail to:
Send image to AND be sure to include the customer/logo information.

Mail by US Postal Service to:
Resilite Sports Products
Attn: Logo Enclosed
PO Box 764
Sunbury, PA 17801
AND be sure to include the customer/logo information.

If by Overnight Service:
Resilite Sports Products
Attn: Logo Enclosed
200 Point Township Drive
Northumberland, PA 17857
AND be sure to include the customer/logo information.

We can accept a cd, zip, or diskette of the electronic file in PC format (not MAC).

Although faxing a logo may be the most simplest way to send a logo, the logo that we receive through the fax isn't the best image and it won't be in color. The image will be poor in quality & loss of details may result.


Electronic Files Most Preferred: (Vector Formatted). If sending an .eps file and there is lettering in the logo, the lettering must be created outlines/artwork. This will prevent having to send the lettering font with the file.

  • .ai
  • .eps
  • .pdf
  • .wmf

Other Electronic Files (A Pixelated Format is not the highest quality but will work if the image is at least 3 - 4" in diameter with a resolution of at least 150 (300 preferred))

  • .tiff
  • .jpg

Not Accepted:

  • gif (usually too low of resolution & usually off the web)


If you do not have a logo that is an electronic file, the logo should be larger than 3 to 4 inches and is clear and non-pixelated. If a colored logo in your choice of colors is unavailable, specify the colors on the logo & we'll update the logo. If the colors are not correct on the logo, please specify your color requests.

Logos from stationary & letterhead are not accepted.

If there is lettering in your logo, please supply the name of the font. If we do not own the font, we'll need to have the font file sent to us or you can choose a simi liar font choice.


  • Silkscreener or Designer of your Logo
  • T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Football Helmet, Jacket, Singlet
  • Yearbook
  • Flyers, Brochure
  • Art Teacher
  • Public Relations Dept
  • Mural on Wall
  • Stickers for Windows, Car Bumpers, Doors, etc.
  • or choose one of Resilite's sample logos