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Wall Padding

Wall Padding

Kwik-Stik Permanent Wall Padding

  • Purposes: Wrestling Room Wall Padding, Gymnasium Wall Padding, Basketball Wall Padding, Indoor Wall Padding
  • Coordinate wall padding to match with Resilite wrestling mats
  • Permanent wall padding
  • Can be installed to provide continuous protection around any wall obstruction
  • Provides medium- to heavy-duty protection
  • Match Kwik-Stik Wall Padding w/ Resilite's Wrestling Mat Colors

Wainscot Panels

  • Purpose: Gymnasium Wall Padding, Gym Wall Pads, Behind Basketball Standards, Indoor Wall Padding
  • Wainscot Wall Padding Panels are covered in Vinyl Fabric with up to 14 color choices
  • Easy installation of Wall Padding
  • Can be manufactured to pad any wall obstruction
  • Four Types of Wall Padding Protection -- Light- to Heavy-Duty Protection
  • SafeGuard Plus -- Class A Fire Rated Wall Padding

Dual-Purpose Folding Mats

  • Purpose: Folding Floor Mats versatile for floor and/or walls, Gymnastic Wall Padding
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to remove mats from walls to use as floor mats
  • Four Types of Wall Padding Protection -- Light- to Heavy-Duty Protection
  • Folding Wall Mats - Wall Padding

Customized Pads for Obstructions

  • Customized wall padding or protective pads to minimize the risk of injury during collisions
  • Resilite will custom design padding for your needs and specifications. Here are a few examples:
    • column padding
    • goal post pads - football pads - post padding
    • corner padding
    • stage padding / stage front pads
    • I-beam padding / "I" beam pads
    • divider door padding
    • custom gymnasium wall padding or pads
    • industrrial plant padding
    • irregular column padding